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Windows 10 Feature Update 1709 - Anti Aliasing Issue & Solution


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The Problem

I've recently been upgraded to the new Windows 10 feature update, and I noticed an issue when anti-aliasing is switched on for Oblivion. There was flickering along the screen edge and around the heath/magic/fatigue bars.


For info, I have a GeForce card, and I'm using the settings in the nVidia control panel for the AA settings (and others) so that I can use HDR.


The Solution

Open the Oblivion folder in File Explorer, locate obse_loader.exe, right-click it and select 'Properties', then select the 'Compatibility' tab and ensure that the option 'Disable full-screen optimisations' is checked.


I would assume that if you're using the Steam version and are therefore running Oblivion.exe rather than obse_loader.exe, that you would need to make the above change to Oblivion.exe.


One side-effect I have noticed is that when starting the game, the screen remains blank for a couple of seconds during startup, with the music playing, before the Bethesda logo pops up. The screen also goes blank for a second or two after exiting Oblivion.

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