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hello, becomeonewithnoodle,


two things.


1. the United Nations define adolescents as individuals being 10-19 years old; further, also according to its tenets, consensual intimate relationship should occur only after a teenager is 14 y.o., or about 50% of the adolescence period.

the value range 50% to 99% refers to that same period: the stage you want your teen sims to begin performing consensual sex. for example: if you configured your game's age parameters so teenhood lasts 20 days, then setting a value of 50% means that teens may have consensual sex after they are 10 days or older; if you set it to 75%, then they would have sex only after they are 15 days, and so forth;


2. now: in order to have sims' inter chronological (adolescent <-> young adult / adult /elder ) sexual relationships, i believe you need a Core Mod such as NRaas or Awesome.


wish you the best,



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