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Help with FNIS


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Hey all....So i've downloaded Skyrim (Didn't buy it >_>) a long time ago when it was just released.


And i just happen to stumble back on these forums since then when i've seen a lot of mods and animations i liked to test out. The thing is they are requireing this FNIS thingy the idle behavior....


I have downloaded it from the link that was on the nexus forums and installed it just as it says in the guide, but i do not have any new spells to use =S


Anyone can help me? I can paste here how my Skyrim folder looked before and after the patch thingy or anything that is required >_>


Hopefully you'll not consider me dumb or anything, i am just really an amateur in all these things...

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You will be forever gimped until you buy the game. No joke. Not just trying to get you to do the right thing. Also if you mention your specific problems on Nexus you will be intsa-banned forever. Save yourself the trouble and buy the game instead of groceries like I did.

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