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[Fallout 4 VR] Imagine the possibilities...

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There are only a few games I would use a VR system with as I generally prefer to play in 3rd person. The game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice actually got me to use headphones with a game due to the way they recorded the voices she heard in her head and you could hear them move around. Alien Isolation has been ok so far with headphones and is one of the few first person games I play regularly (Borderlands 2 being the other) and would probably be really good with a VR system.

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Hello, I see that it is organized by games Fallout, Skyrim and so on... Wouldn't it be good to have a separate "game" Fallout 4 VR as it seems that the mods are not fully and easily compatible ? The "search" engine with "Fallout 4 VR" does not seem to work properly...

Of course, this new game will be with few entries up to now, but I'm sure it will grow rapidly... no ?

I'm not a modder unfortunately but an interested user.

Many thanks to all the people contributing.

Sorry for any mistakes in english, I'm french

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