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Code: sexout Quest

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Is there a thread (or better a Problem Reporting System) for code errors (Helping prideslayer to improve the code)?

I've just started to evaluate sexout for usability for a mod idea.

Found this issue in scn 00SexoutQuestScript used by sexout Quest.

set frequency to numSex / ( GameDaysPassed - startDay )


Won't this lead to division by 0 if GameDaysPassed == startDay?

Will test what happens on the division by 0 and report back.






Tested it. Does not lead to a crash as feared but to 17,6 sex frequency in MCM after the first time having sex on the first day. The script engine is intelligent enough to prevent the division by 0 crash common in "normal" programming languages. (Replaces perhaps the 0 by something small about 0.05)

So it is a minor issue as only statistics are affected.

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