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Texture question for Digital Artists

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Namely, how does Oblivion read texture values on the various body .nifs?


It's obvious they have differing values from the head to the torso, and including the neck as a standard situation.


I'm sure we have all seen how when using the skin sliders, when we move them left and right, for each setting, various parts of the character's body show varying degrees of color, and they never match up right.


There *has* to be a reason for this phenomena. Does each .nif have varying texture values place to place? Is this like, vertice to vertice or something?


The reason I am asking, is I would be interested in downloading relevant tools (blender, nifscope, etc) with the objective of applying a 'standardized' set of texture values, .nif for .nif, on a variety of bodies. I believe this would be of great use to the Oblivion community in general.


The obvious goal is to get the game to read the same texture values from the sliders in the race menu on every part of the body; hopefully showing the same color on head, neck, body, hand, leg and foot.


If this is possible by going through something like blender or nifscope and altering values on a .nif for .nif basis, I sure would like to learn how so I might do it and upload them here as a modder's resource... a set of body .nif's with 'standardized' colors to be used as a base to work off of. Not to mention being used by the average gamer to create more pleasing characters/npc's.


What I am asking 'for', is *not* for anyone to do this for me, but for those individuals skilled in this area to provide some instructions as to:


A) why this is happening, and


B) what to do about it.


Hoping for some step-by-steps. I am asking this with the assumption that these skilled individuals are either playing the game or working on they're own projects, and I would like to step in and spend the time on this instead of you, who know how to do it, and are busy with other things. I just need instructions as to what to do.


I'll go ahead and quote this from Robert's V5 resource readme:


"Same as in V4:


- the Orc head and the human one with the color settings of the body mesh. Doesn't make sense to have three different settings there like Bethesda did it, because this way head and body don't match. And the settings of the Ork head made it look like plastic."


If someone out there, can show me what needs to be done to have something like this work, I'll get started right away, and begin say with the HGEC bodies of varying sizes, then work my way to other bodies as I have time.


Thank you for reading, and if this was posted in the wrong area, please forgive me and move it. -Merctime

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