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Oblivion height issues.

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I play as a wood elf and I get stretching issues and whenever i start a animation for example the penis goes into the persons forehead instead of mouth. Any thing that can help? Any mod that makkes everyones height same ect? Is there a fix for the stretching?

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Stretching? all over the screen? You have overwritten your LAPF skeleton ( maybe you have installed a clothes/armor Mod without checking what's inside. In many BBB Mods are OLD BBB skeletons. Always first unpack Mods, check whats inside, delete what you don't want, then install !!!  )


Install your LAPF skeleton again  ( read my yellow Link below )



Ani position.

All animations are made for scale 1 ( imperials) if one character is smaller or taller the position is not right.

You can use the position key in game, the settting will be saved in your save games ( then you Woodelf will have right position, but  if too tall NPCs have sex the ani is wrong)


The is the Lovers set scale Mod. During sex both Sex partner are scaled to 1.


Or you load your Oblivion esm in CS, set all race Heights to 1, and save it ( create a new esp.  A patch)


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