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Problems with displaying an armor mesh in Fallout


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Recently I was able to convert an armor from type 3 to type 3f and was basically following off this guide:




I am able to view the nif via nifskope and even via geck, but have troubles trying to get the armor to display in game.


Was wondering if anyone who is very familiar with armor conversions here would be able to check the nif I've created and see what is wrong with it.


Oh, BTW the armor in question is Wasteland seductress by Bronson.




Much appreciated

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Hmm what I did was assign the default skeleton to the new body and altered armor and simply exported back to nif. Not sure if that is the right thing....



Hmm doesn't seem like anyone is keen on trying it here, I suppose it's probably due to the armor set not being too popular. I don't even think it even had a release on NV Nexus.

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