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  1. The only thing I would like to request, if you can make a Denim Jacket texture for the next revision. Thanks!
  2. Hey Nookymonster, great mod! Just curious, what boots you are using for your characters?
  3. Hi all As stated on the title, I've recently converted a pair of boots from Skyrim to Fallout 4 and whilst the result it looks pretty good, it unfortunately causes really bend mesh deformation when my character sits down. The original mesh was just the pair of boots itself and when I converted to F4, I had to include it as a part of the body base. Any idea on how I can fix this warping? Thanks
  4. Hey there great mod! Just curious if it is possible to add this body mod to any footwear meshes? Like how foot zap does it? The issue is some of the meshes have the legs under the knees cut off.
  5. I've been having this issue too, is this intentional?
  6. Does anyone know what animation packs are compatible with this? I tried to install Leito's Animation pack and it doesn't work.
  7. Thanks for that, but the shapes don't seem to move
  8. Hi all I seem to be having issues converting an armor piece from CBBE Bodyslide. When I load the mesh up on nifskope or via in game, it would have the clothes at a different position. I've attached a screenshot to show what I mean. Anyone know the cause? Thanks all.
  9. I would like to fit this into an existing body with shoes. However, the original body had its feet removed. I currently don't have any 3D modelling software to make the edits, but would anyone be able to edit this with the feet removed?
  10. Anyone have the CBBE Bodyslide files for the Cute Mage as shown here: http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1839.html Thanks
  11. That looks amazing Zenna. Really amazing work.
  12. Look eazy to make it i will look more in to in weekend Awesome, really appreciate it! True, but I was just offering a visual reference for Zenna, I didn't request for Zenna to port that piece of armor so it shouldn't really matter.
  13. Hey Zenna, since you love making dresses, can I offer a suggestion? How about something like a sweater knit mini dress? Something like this: http://skyrim.jpn.org/images/149/14976.jpg Keep up the good work!
  14. Hey Zenna11, I actually have some outfits from Daz3D that I want to convert to F4. Is it possible to convert them using anything but 3DS max?
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