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WW Hot Tub only naked option

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I have wickedwhims and other ww animation and if I want to use a hot tub there are only 4 options: upgrade from handiness skill, naked, nap and wicked but for some reason I'm missing the option to bath in swimwear.


my gamelanguage is german.

I know sometimes there is a problem with languages difference between mod and game 

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Hey Buddy16!


Please just make sure you don't have any other mods that include modifications to changing outfits that may not match your game version. Other than that, I can only recommend waiting for the next release of WickedWhims which does not include any overrides to hot tubs, so if that's the problem, it should fix it.


One thing you can try doing for now is removing 'TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Overrides.package' file from your Mods folder. That will remove some important overrides, but next release should not include any overrides of these sorts that would cause issues.

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