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Sims forget who is supposed to be in what position...

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I am having this issue where Golden88s beautiful animations make my sims forget which one of them is the boy and which one is the girl. The animations all work great, except those ones, if I switch into that position from another the girl will jump behind the guy and "go to town" on him. Now this wouldnt be a big deal if I found that to be acceptable but, all I can think is "OUCH, please do not do this to this man!" Anyone know why this would happen? Only on these animations when switching from someone elses to Golden88s. One time it did it when I was leaving a Golden88 animation to Amra's and made that one backwards too but thats only happened once. 


Someone save this prude from her sims very naughty behavior  :ph34r:  :P  :D  :angry:

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Hey LadySimme!


I was informed about that by Golden88 and reworked how actors are assigned to fix this issue. Next mod release should have it fixed unless Golden88 fixes it in the animation package earlier.

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Thank you... i changed setting to anything goes so I can swap positions, but now the swap option is no longer showing up... there are very few ways for a user to screw up your nice mod but Ive found a couple ways I guess  :lol:

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