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Working at the Gommorah?


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If you do use HookUps with WOrking girl, make sure you balance the percentages to favor working girl in regards to being hit on. Up until today I was constantly getting harassed by owners for working freelance on thier turf when I was wearing the outfit they gave me because I was getting sexed up through HookUps instead of working girl.

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Guest Loogie

The req to work the Gomorrah is level 2. You get a level every 25 tricks, so you need 25 tricks. To get the tricks you can freelance casinos, work for the Wrangler, freelance gamblers outside of casinos and whore yourself and Jacobstown and the RepCONN Test Site.


Sexout Hookups has absolutely nothing to do with any of this. Your prostitution level is visible because it's added to you as a perk.

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I've done the deed enough times between jacobs town and atomic wrangler to hit level 2 message. Hmmmm I've final got all mods up to date and stablish. Along with a completly new caracter to make sure I have no errors. Maybe something else I'm missing or a glitch dunno.

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