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Sexual bug during combat: fenomenal idea!


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Okay.... so today, I was walking inside a dungeon which was crowed with vampires, then, one of them attacked my sexy companion with that ''sucking blood spell'' and she begun to ride me with a reverse cowgirl sex animation. It was kinda... surprising. I knew in the very 1st moment that it was just a bug caused by adul show xxx mod, but how the hell did that happen? How is that possible that the vampire used the ''animate npc'' spell over my companion? Was kind ilarious to see how she rided my character while the vampire was attacking us with his ''sucking blood spell''. When the sex animation ended, the combat continued like if nothing happened.


SO this gave me the idea of something related to sex spells over player character or companions, that trigger sexual behaviour under combat circumstances, simillar to what happened to me today. For example, instead of paralize, they could use a sexual spell to make your companion masturbate.

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I like this idea. You could do almost anything with sex animations as spells. They could work as stuns, like you say, or as distractions to let your sneaky rogue PC slip past them unnoticed. I hope you or someone can figure out how this happened, I'd love to see it put into practice.

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there was a feature in older asx versions where interaction with some objects would trigger animations, like sprinting into alchemy table etc. Or, was that animation the last one you picked with animation selector? If so, maybe the animate npc spell somehow made it into that particular vampire spell package.

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Reminds me of casting Summon Roper on a target in Oblivion - maybe a slightly toned down version of that (or vine raper' date=' etc.) would be pretty sweet to cast on your foes in Skyrim (make a good trap too).



Tentacle monster trap?

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The reverse cowgirl possition was the last I used yes. I think aswell that's the reason why the vampire triggered that animation. It's 100% sure that was a bug, I don't think the ASX author made this on purpose, but I would be delighted if it was lol

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