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adding custom animation to custom race

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Mods if this is in the wrong form, i apologize.


Was wondering how to go about giving a certain custom race, certain custom animations.


I want to give this race, this animation. BUT i dont want any other custom/vanilla race in game to use those animations.

I've seen somewhere awhile ago where it said how to do that but i can't find it now, if any of you awesome ladies and gents could point me to a tutorial that explains it, or expalin it in a post here that'd be much appreciated.

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If you use XPMSE (which you should), you can go to the "Weapon Styles" MCM menu and scroll down to "Spells" and "Shouts". Magic Nipple is an option in the drop-down menu, so if you set your character to those, she will be the only one using those anims while the rest of the NPCs use whatever vanilla magic anims you have installed.

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