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+18 SFM Animating/Posing

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Hello, this is more a list of places you can go to help you get into making "adult sfm". By no means am i an expert at making animation or creating poses, but i feel some nsfw tutorials are hard to find and it would be nice if they are all in one place. So i shall begin.


If you are just starting out and don't know how to use SFM, i highly recommend watching the Valve tutorials and a few others:





Okay, so by now you should have a basic understanding of how to use Source Filmmaker. Next step would be to acquire some NSFW models:


Getting Models & Maps:



SFMLAB (You will need an account to get nsfw models. It's free)


Steam Workshop



So you have a good understanding of sfm and how it works. You also have some maps and nsfw models, what now? Well, it's time to decide if you want to animate or make a pose.


Posing: (With some basic controls and lighting tutorial.)








Just keep watching these videos then just animate, animate, and animate. You will get better. Before i leave just a few more links.





Porn Tips 1 - faking movement changes quickly.


Porn Tips 2 - copying samples to reset a model.


Tutorial Jigglebones - A short tutorial on jiggle bones and how they are used in SFM.


kawaiidetectiveenthusiast's tumblr - Good source of information from people asking him questions.


SFM Lab tutorials - Forum of tutorials.


Practically any model to SFM via Blender (The Hard Way) Course


Pte Jack's Guide's & Pte Jack's Playlist's





I did not make these tutorials, nor do i claim to "own" them in any way, shape or form. I simply did this as a "one stop shop" type of thing.



Credits: Colour Coded.


Valve, Jimer Lins, SFMLAB (Ganonmaster), KP0988, kawaiidetectiveenthusiast, LordAardvark, Pte Jack.

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A bit late to say this, but since no ones sayin it. Thank you for compiling this. Dunno bout everyone else,but I really appreciate having all this info compiled in one easily found area.

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Thanks for all this I've really been looking for SFM animating guides but focused more towards 18+ stuff. Hopefully soon you all will see my first animation(s) maybe around the end of this month at earliest.

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Guest CrazeyLink

This topic is pretty useful

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This is super useful :D hopped right in and came up with this after about eight hours of reading and playing with the engine.


Of course not the finished project, and I'm getting better as I go. And this is my first time ever animating


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19 hours ago, SteamPoweredLain said:

Super thankies for making this~ Just got into SFM to make porn and hopefully this'll help me improve. 

Hey, good luck!


If you want my honest advise though;


I made this tutorial a while ago and SFM is pretty dated now. I'd personally recommend going with blender instead as cycles allows you so much more freedom with what you want to do as well as making it look visually pleasing to the eye. It's very easy to get started with blender and you can even use SFM models in blender. (Once you decompile them)


Bare in mind though that blender is pretty hard to learn/get the hang of, but once you know the basics it's pretty straight forward. Don't get me wrong, you can still make some nice stuff in SFM, but blender or any other 3d software will give you better results by far. (I pick blender because it's free and the majority of smut artists use blender.)


For comparison i'll show you a render that took me 10 mins to make in blender (That includes finding the model on sfm, downloading it, decompiling it, importing it to blender and adding the textures. I never used any fancy lighting, just a HDR studio image. The more artistic the person the better the results. The image below i would personally consider not very good since it was a very quick render with not many samples, but it does the job in this instance.) Also when you decompile the sfm model to blender it keeps it's bones so you can easily pose it, but they're FK bones so you'll have to either set up your own rig for animations (i.e learn how to rig a character and what not. (Blenrig is popular, but if you just want to get stuck in and rig the character using the already pre-applied bone weights you could just follow Lizendy's tutorials; Part 1 importing and texturing and Part 2 rigging (zero weight painting required as you'll be using the old weights already on the body to setup an IK rig.)))







and another render from SFM were i actually tried to be "artistic" and it turned out rather meh, i'd say.





The difference in visual quality between SFM and Blender is not even a question. (SFM is very old now, while blender keeps getting updated.)


You could still do SFM porn since you'll be learning animation and once you've learned animation you could easily transfer those skills to blender.



There are a few down sides to blender though.


1. No tutorials on animating bender porn at all. (None that i've seen/found.) This is why it may benefit you to start in SFM and then take what you learn about animation over to blender.

2. Rigging a character can be a pain and the weight painting is the worst. (Some people actually enjoy it! Psychopaths, i bet they enjoy fixing bad topology as well. xD)

If you go with Lizendys tutorials you shouldn't have to worry about this, but there are benefits to making a rig from scratch as you'll have a better and deeper understanding of how things work.

3. Blender can be confusing/hard to understand, but once you've got the hang of it, it's pretty easy and fun to mess with. Blender Guru and Gleb Alexandrov are your best friends here.


You could also take a look at a site called smutba.se. People upload their models there so if you're only interested in making some porn then you can just download someones rigged model and go ham with it as well as the discord has some very useful information in it, but be warned the people in there are not welcoming of people asking questions that are easily googled and will call you out on it in a not very polite way. I personally just watch and see what nice information i can gather like head hacking for example. Sorry for the huge rant.


Whatever you decide just make sure you're having fun since that's the most important thing, because if you're not having fun then what's the point?


If you need any help feel free to message me or reply here and i'll help the best i can. (Not so much with SFM as i've stepped away from it and moved onto blender, but the discord does have a sfm section in it if you need help.)

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It's unbelievable to me sometimes, how many hours and how much effort we put into making porn.

That being said, thanks a ton for compiling this. Time to get busy! xD

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