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So I've been trying to convert CBBE armors to Atomic Beauty, and have been stumbling a bit.


The main parts that I am having trouble with, is the zap sliders and the group manager. I was following this tutorial here and taking it step by step, but seems I just can't get zap sliders to work or the whole group manager thing.


Whenever I try zap sliders, I end up zapping the entire body or they do absolutely nothing. Following that guide, I'm not sure where I am going wrong. And whenever I make a group for group manager, it never seems to work. I can't get any presets to show up for the outfit I made.


Specifically, I'm trying to convert Evil Detective. Any assistance would be helpful. And before you get all technical on me, note I am very very newb to all of this. This is my first time trying to do this so I am still learning. :P



EDIT: Well I finally got the Zap silders to work, but I still can't figure out how to get Group Manager to work. Every single time I make a group for it and add the outfit to it, I have no presets available for it. I open up BodySlide, select the outfit, and there is no presets available at all. I mean, I can personally work around this by saving my existing preset as a new custom preset and saving it to that outfit, but I'd like them to be already available by default.

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You have to add the outfit to both its own group and the Atomic Beauty group at the same time.

Does Atomic Beauty even come with its own group that presets are saved to? If not, then it silently uses the "CBBE" group.


Also, you can simply follow my official tutorials on the BodySlide mod page. They work for all body types.

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Awesome, thanks so much!


Can't believe it was that simple. I was looking at the others and saw they had an Atomic Beauty group added as well, but then I realized the whole time that I spelt it wrong. I had a space between them when there wasn't supposed to be one.


Thanks again, really appreciate it. :)

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