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Hey guys, i'm using autolink to add dlc to my game, but in the new DLC,  they come with a blp. file, so when i open the bin. file theres only DATA information and theres no TCM  pr TCML files, so i suppose they are in the blp file but how can i opened and extract the files ?


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As Master DOA5 said you should use Archive Tool to extract tmc files from a .bin, not .blp.

If you see encrypted files then you'll have to update your file5lr.dat to see the good name yes.

So i need to put the encrypted files i one of these 


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Hum I'm feeling a bit lost with your problem now.

When you want extract a dlc pack to get .tmc / .tmcl and ect you must use Archive Tool (prefered updated to see the files names correctly) then select all and extract and now you just have to add it with AutoLink, at least I'm not using AutoLink to add mods so I'll not go deeper in this method.


Don't try to manually adding things in your data folders if you are not sure of what you do you could corrupt something.

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