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Makin' a Skyrim amazing again


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Sorry for that but I'm finally coming home - after this all months! Only day or two in car and I be able to sleep in my own bed - this is so amazing. It's only week of freedom but I'm still happy. Anyway - because of free time I'm wanna beat Skyrim again, but in previous years I beat this game so many times so I just wanna see this game different this time. I seen many screenshots on forum and wow - this looks amazing - I want play that! So I have a request for all people here - can you give me a list of mods that I must install? I'm happy for mods of any kind - Graphic, gameplay, sexlab etc. I wanna know what body and face I should install, what I should download to get boucing breasts, what bigger and smaller mods like high heels or unofficial patch, etc. should I install to get the best result and so much fun during this free days.

I know that probably I can find it somewhere but sadly I don't have so much time, and after spending some time with friends and family I wanna go back to this game and I don't have time to do research, so I'm here because I newer seen skyrim like this in any other place and I hope that someone can help me.

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