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Cannot Find Lady666's OKW mods

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Hey guys, can anyone lend me a file of OKW_Lady666_Animations and OKW_Lady666_KinkyAnimations?

I've looked at his page, and apparently the files are no longer there (It only has a txt file that says "Coming soon.").


Edit: To reiterate, Lady666 no longer has their upload up. I was wondering if someone could give me the file if they already have it. Thanks.

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Unfortunately they're not.  The download link goes to a 'coming.txt' file that appears to be a placeholder.  I don't know if her older files are mirrored anywhere else.  You might just have to wait for the new updated whenever L666 posts it.



Ok, i have deleted Sims 3, so i'm not verified the link to dl :)

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Is this why I am having problems with my kinky world? because I don't have an updated version of his/her animations so because they are missing my sims act like they are resetting? :(


Guess it looks like I am going to have to roll back to an old version of KW then after pledging and downloading the new build. hopefully I still have the old animations stashed somewhere, or someone could be kind enough to send them to me :heart: . 

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