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How to use sexlab aroused

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I have everything installed properly and it shows all the ui in the game, but i dont know the controls to initiate sex with this mod. If anyone could tell me how this mod works (in-game) it would be much appreciated. (i also have the defeat mod) my question is how to start scenes in these mods.

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Copied my post from another thread in this section:


SexLab Romance lets you talk almost any NPC into sex, and if they approve, tell them what you'd like, or let them decide by themselves. It is configurable over its MCM menu.

And if you want NPCs to approach you: Horrible Harassment would be worth a try. It is configurable too, and I'd strongly recommend doing so, as per default you can't really walk through a city without being banged by 2 NPCs at a time. xD


EDIT: Just forgot, Puppet Master and / or Puppet Master Swallow lets you do whatever you want to or with any NPC too with ease. Just note that the latter requires the original mod to be installed, as well as Zaz Animation Pack if I remember correctly. But you won't miss the requirements if you read the mod's page carefully.


You can find all these mods here on Lovers Lab, either use the search function or - which is the quickest way - google Lovers Lab or Sex Lab together with the mod's name. I'm too lazy to link them right now.  ;)

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