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Outlaw Life
Requires Alternative Beginnings by Arthmoor and choosing the Outlaw start
Choosing Outlaw in the wilds option in Arthmoors Alternative Beginnings will now start you in the Highwayman Hideaway cave instead of
outside Fort Ash. It will start the Highwayman Rob Anybody quest that adds the dialogue allowing you to be a highwayman


If you want to know how a particular piece of this works or what it does, all original readmes are included.
======= Thanks to =======
David Brasher for Highwayman - Rob Anybody
Kimosabe04 for Highwayman Hideaway
DuggeDank & Haldar1248 & pkkjp for all the work on Jail Shackles
directorrick7 for Jail Break Escape Routes
Syclonix for Hear No Evil
kuertee & Povuholo for Crime Has Witnesses with Responsibility Tweak
Seldalore for Stolen Item Ownership


Removed the menu option, I couldn't get the shackle adding to fire properly. So, if you want the shackles, get arrested.
You start in your very own little cave with a bounty of 500 and 5 infamy ( from Alt Begin) nice place


Pics from original hideaway mod. This one is a bit darker (it is a cave) but my version is player owned


Edit: 2-11-17
Added a new esp that doesn't require Alternative Beginnings to have compatibility with other alt start mods. It still requires the resources from the original version.


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Just realized it's not adding the shackles when choosing the walked out option. Fixing, will be back up shortly. Otherwise, all else seems to be fine with it....



To whoever downloaded the first one I put up, the only difference now is that the menu won't pop up.  


A nice place to sit not far from home.





And for those who use the Smoking System, a plus. (not added by me, just one of the mushrooms that got replaced in SS)





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