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NPC Hair textures

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Hello, my Skyrim currently has a texture problem with npcs, specifically their hair. Its low res and the mesh seems... off. For instance in the picture I provided the the hair underneath closest to the scalp is fine, but the layer on top of it appears blocky and pixelated. I tried to search around but was unable to find anything related to this type of mishap. It is only present on male NPCs.

My mod/load order can be found here: http://www.modwat.ch/u/AlucardFinale


From a quick glance the only mods that seems to affect male NPC hair are the following:

- Realistic Hair

- Superior Lore friendly hair - HD Textures (2K Rough version)

- Men of Skyrim

Unless the hair is supposed to look that way, I have no idea on how to solve this issue. Any help is appreciated, thank you.


EDIT: After some more searching, it appears that many claimed it to be a vanilla bug related to ENB/graphics drivers, but it was not the case. The hair uses a specific transparency technique that can be somewhat faulty with certain ENB/ driver settings. I tried to switch ENBs and even disabled it but the problem persists. My video card driver is upto date (GTX 970), since its a vanilla problem my installed mods have no effect on it. According to some threads that other people posted elsewhere this problem came back sooner or later and they have no idea on how about going to fix it.

Some of the posts of people having a similar problem:





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Questions: does it appear bugged for all NPC's?


It might be possible to be related to meshes and not textures.


If it is related to Vanilla, try starting a new game and check if it persists. If not, try cleaning your save game.


Last: Revalidade your Skyrim through Steam.

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