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A Question About CBBE and/or UUNP

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Is this a request for more work?


It's going to be bad enough if the NIF meshes change to include new physics rendering flags, animation weight paints, and other new things found in Fallout 4 outfit meshes...


Lets toss a high poly body and renovate the whole system while we are at it so we can deter Skyrim Modder's even more....


If there is too much extra work to be done for the remaster my guess would simply be that a lot of long time Skyrim Modders will continue modding for Skyrim but not the Remaster.

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I'm not making a request, I was asking more out of curiosity. I would like to see the same kind of functionality that is present in Fallout 4, the body meshes that have been created for that game just look and preform better in Bodyslide than the ones that are currently available for Skyrim. I'm just asking if that aspect will be upgraded for either version at the very least.

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