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Sporty Sexy map conversion help


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Hi all,

Ever since the release of FO4, I've beem spammed daily when I was going to convert my texture mods to Fallout4.

As most mod authors know, the object space normals of Skyrim are difficult to convert to Tangent space normals which are used in FO4.


Early experiments using xnormals failed miserably and in the end I was too busy continue testing.


So, now I'd like to ask for help doing the conversion. Anybody up for the challenge?

Note that the mod will not be a LL exclusive and will probably also uploaded to the nexus.


Thanks for listing and looking forward in responses!


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You might be able to do it with zbrush.

I know it can bake tangent maps.

I'm not sure if you can convert a normal map to geometry in zbrush or not.

I haven't used it extensively personally but I think that is the best bet?

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