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Nothing is hostile

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For whatever reason, NOTHING is hostie in skyrim anymore. I can hit them 10 times and they wont attack me.


I installed Immersive Patrolls II, ran around, and found a stormcloak vs imperial battle. I haven't picked a side in the Civil War so i decided to just join the winning side which was the imperials and slaughtered the stormcloaks. I left the area and went to a forswarn hideout and killed them all. But this time, none of them became hostile torwards me as i killed them. 


I tried to remove the mod but the issue still persists? Anyway to resolve this via commands? Also the bandit -> player faction relationship is 0 and the radar flashes a red dot then it disappears when i hit something which tells me it's possibly a script listening and canceling this? 

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Wrong version of Estrus Spider addon Installed?

It's never caused any issues before? But i don't think I've ever used that mod much so i'll remove it and see if anything happens. Thanks for the suggestion! 


Edit: Removed, and the problem still persists. 

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I had a similar problem around a year ago. The symptoms you describe are pretty much what I had. At the time I had a slave mod installed (I forget which one) and it turned out that for whatever reason NPCs were thinking my char was still enslaved, so they weren't becoming hostile. The solution was to reset slave status in an MCM or something like that.

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Something to try. Go into the MCM for Sexlab and go to the debug area. (Forget the section title, but it should be the bottom choice.) Select and click the "end all sex scenes".


I have had a scene interrupted and/or 2 mods try to trigger a scene at the same time leaving an unfulfilled scene. Since it seems to calm things when a scene is active (depending on your mods), if one is unfinished, nothing will be hostile anymore.


May or may not be your issue, but worth trying. Fixed it for me when I had it happen.

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