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[Idea] Gynoid/Fembot Conversion: an offshoot of sexout breeder mutations


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I've never had any ideas for mods until the Automatron DLC came out and I read Get_Funky's 'Continuing Sexout Breeder' Discussion thread which got me thinking about a adult mod where you are converted into a gynoid, also know as a fembot. I've finished a 1st draft of the plotline, mutations(called conversion levels because robots) the mod would follow. It's similar in structure to the mutations worked in Sexout Breeder but just robots instead of animals. I know nothing about making mods so if anyone wants to try their hand at making this a reality they are free to do so, my only wish is it gets enough interest to be made.



Starting the quest (For this mod Sole Survivor must be female, Automatron is completed and you spared the Mechanist/Isabel Cruz): Isabel Cruz has discovered a unknown type of robot and wants you there when she activates it in case something goes wrong and it needs to be destroyed quickly. Upon activating the Gynoid Overseer Unit (G.O.U. for short) it registers Isabel as her owner. After doing a diagnostic Isabel wishes to test the G.O.U.’s capabilities, first being a combat test (you are given a set of regular combat armor and allowed to use a melee weapon of your choice. If you lose the G.O.U. fucks you skipping the second test) and then a test of its sexual performance. The Survivor can object to the sex test after which Isabel will offer to pay you to do it. After having sex with the G.O.U. and a day passes your conversion into a gynoid begins.

Gynoid conversion lv.1: Your upper arms and thighs have taken on a slight silver colorization that could easily be explained as them being covered in paint. In truth the nanomachines injected into your body have begun your transformation into a gynoid. After this happens, at any time you may talk to Isabel Cruz about a cure to your condition which she will get a list of items you need to find for her so the Gynoid Overseer Unit can (begrudgingly) reprogram the nanomachines to reverse the conversion.

Gynoid cure quest: You have to acquire 3 serums (one pink, silver and gold) for G.O.U to combine into the cure. After taking the cure effects of your conversion will disappear within a day. Afterwards you will be in a weakened state similar to X-cell withdrawal for 24 hours before returning to your pre-transformed stats.

Gynoid conversion lv.2: The silver colorization has progressed to cover you entire body, replacing your skin with a metallic coating. You gain a +10% in damage and energy resistance.

Gynoid conversion lv.3: The nanomachines have transformed your skeleton into a superior metal version. This is most visible at your limb joints which have hydraulic actuators in them to give you faster response times appearing on the model as circular rivets on the sides of the wrist, elbow, knee and ankle joints. You gain a +1 to endurance but a -1 to agility because of your heavier nature.

Gynoid conversion lv.4: Your innards feel different and you find yourself craving sex more than normal. The nanomachines have changed your internal organs and muscles excluding your brain into stronger, more efficient synthetic versions. Your internal body structure resembles a gen-3 synth more than a human now. Because of this it has also caused your hair to fall out and be replaced with a synthetic version in the same style made of metallic fibers of the same color. This has also had the adverse effect of nullifying the effect of drugs, radaway and stimpacks from working on you anymore. This is easily fixed by talking to the Gynoid Overseer Unit who teaches you how to create “nano” versions of the items from them. (Ex. Nanopack is crafted from 1 stimpack) She also tells you that you are prepared for the final conversion which will turn you into a gynoid completely and irreversibly. This begins a quest that will decide what type of gynoid you end up becoming and is the last chance for you to turn back and do the cure quest.

Final gynoid conversion quest – Full Model Conversion
Step 1: Build the gynoid conversion system.
A – Build a robot workbench: simple and straightforward.
B – Build a control console: simple as well, but requires you to have started building the     signal Interceptor somewhere in The Molecular Level. (This could be gotten around by adding it to crafting when you start this quest and removing after it ends.)
C – Secure a memory lounger from the memory den: You must convince Irma and Dr. Amari to give you one of their memory loungers by either doing something for them of performing sexual favors.
D – Acquire a flux sensor, a haptic drive, a reflex capacitor and a nanite generator (a recolored cybernetic pain inhibitor): you find these in random locations similar to the BoS Quartermastery radiant quest.
Step 2: Wait a day for the G.O.U. to assemble the gynoid conversion system somewhere other than the Mechanist’s lair. (I added this because it would help the game get rid of the workbench, control console and memory lounger without bugging out or crashing and replace it with the conversion system model.)

Gynoid conversion lv.5: You are now completely a gynoid. Depending on your choices your appearance and perks will differ. There are 5 common traits between all gynoid forms. The first is your ears have been replaced with sensor antenna. Second your nose is gone although this doesn’t affect your ability to smell. Third your womb has been altered for you to able to choose whether or not you want to become pregnant after each sexual encounter with a male or futa. (This can include creatures if you chose. You could have a menu for these options) Fourth you have nanomachines injectors hidden in the palms of both your hands which you can use to discreetly infect people with when they are sleeping or unaware of your presence. Finally your brain has been augmented into a cybernetic brain(like the one in FO2 you can get for Skynet) that slaves you to the G.O.U.’s will and forces you to obey her commands. Because you are now a full gynoid, NPCs and enemies treat you as a robot and all cities, factions and settlements turn hostile except for Goodneighbor. To make them friendly again you must infect a certain number of NPCs within each area with gynoid nanomachines so you can bring them under your control. The only way to enter a hostile city/faction/settlement is using a disguise boy (which is crafted out of a stealth boy and some other yet to be decided materials, I'm open to suggestions.) which allows you to cast a hologram of you pre-gynoid self over your body for a while (5-10 hours maybe? The crafting materials required will make this length fair) allowing you to get in and infect NPCs.


The optional choices are:

Eye style – You are given the choice whether you wish to keep your eyes as normal(a pair of optical sensors) of a single horizontal oval visor optic.


Metallic skin color – You will be able to choose from a multitude of metallic versions of colors. (Ex. gold, silver, metallic green, metallic blue, metallic pink and so on)


Futa/Non-futa – You are given the option on whether or not you wish to have a penis. It's cum will allow you to bring others under your control if ingested.


Gynoid model: There are two gynoid models you can chose from.

Gynoid Seductress – A gynoid that uses a persuasion to bring others to your side. You have a specially tuned vocal cord system that gives you a +1 to charisma and a pheromone emitter that gives you a temporary +5% bonus exp booster when you convince someone to have sex with you. The emitter also has the effect of making your sexual partner not care when you drop your disguise (if you are wearing one) once you get ready to have sex.


Gynoid Infiltrator – A gynoid that infiltrates areas and infect people without them knowing. Your metal skeleton has been reconfigured to be lighter removing the penalty to agility and gain a +1 to strength. Your fingers end in sharp points giving you the ability to cause 20 points of bleed damage over 10 seconds when attacking unarmed.

After completing your conversion, The G.O.U. will give you radiant quests to find items for her until you’ve conquered at least 2 settlements. Once you’ve done that she will tell inform you her A.I. is actually not shackled to obeying Isabel and has been pretending to be subservient to her while her systems regained full power. Now that she has you and a small force under her control she has no more need to continue the charade and orders you to capture and convert Isabel.

NEW IDEA FOR HOW PREGNANCY WORKS: Once Pregnant if you give birth to a female child it is only minor cybernetic enhancements with accelerated growth and a cybernetic brain keeping them slaved to the G.O.U. then once they become adults the women are then converted fully into gynoids. If your child is male your cyber-womb gestates a modified gen3(you could just call it gen4 in the mod if preferred) synth that once born grows at an accelerated rate and upon reaching adulthood stops and can be trained for a variety of roles like merchants, reconnaissance, coursers, guards or a stud if incest is your cup of tea, but can you really call it incest when they're robotic? There could also be a mission where before you are able to give birth to cybernetically enhanced creatures(no idea what kind of enhancements, feel free to suggest some!) you have to collect some parts and creature semen to upgrade your cyber-womb.



That's all I've got written for the moment. Comments, criticism and suggestions/ideas are welcome. Also I've attached to this post pictures by Hajime Sorayama of what I pictured the gynoids looking like once in game.



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Another step would be to find yourself used as a incubation unit for Gen4 Synths or new Gynoids.


I was actually thought any pregnancies you go through could birth new gynoids but I then thought how would they grow into adults if they are robots? Maybe instead if you give birth to a female child it is cybernetically enhanced with accelerated growth and a cybernetic brain keeping them slaved to the G.O.U. then once they become adults the women are then converted fully into gynoids. Your suggestion of synths would be a good idea of what could be done with male children. If your child is male your cyber-womb gestates a modified gen3(you could just call it gen4 in the mod if preferred) synth that once born grows at an accelerated rate and upon reaching adulthood stops and can be trained for a variety of roles like merchants, reconnaissance, coursers, guards or a stud if incest is your cup of tea, but can you really call it incest when they're robotic? :P You could also have a mission where for you to be able to give birth to cybernetically enhanced creatures you have to collect some parts and creature semen.

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I like the idea but have some disagreement on the story


Automatrons are robots which make us think of steel hands and legs, While a snyth will be more like a humanbeing


So I think the story could be rather set to a crazy institude experiment which wanted to get a breeding and growing snyth, Yeah, gen 4 of course, and Nora was the result


While the Automatron feature could affected the story when Nora found her truth. She change her own body to a hybrid of Snyth and Automatron, who can transform to a robot form like the werewolf

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How come the Bethesda modding community attracts so many transformation/corruption fetishists? Not complaining, of course.


Well Fallout themes is in a post-apocalyptic world and we all know that people are willing to do all kinds of things to survive in such world.


Plus you can make alot of ideas for mods in a post-apocalyptic world.

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