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Can't Get Morrowind's Lovers and Legends To Work!

Darkening Demise

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OK, so I got some of it to work at least. :3

But, I have a but (>.>), I get an error in game about missing heads and whatnot, so I see error symbols everywhere during the getting it on!.
During installation I seem to have an issue with the .exe files. Such as Create NPC List






I also encounter another message when trying to use the Create Race List.






So yeah....almost there I guess? >.<

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I remember a hundred years ago I actually managed to successfully get a L&L version I found at planet elder scrolls (rest in peace) functioning.  It was certainly a battle, but I remember I was still using my disc copy of the game.  I wonder if the problem stems from using the steam version of Morrowind?  I've found a number of older things have some difficulties with steam installs.


I know that's not particularly helpful, but it might be a starting place, at least.

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I've got an old install that was working the last time I fired it up. You say it's throwing errors about heads? Do you have a Heads_Pack esp, 'cause that's in my Data directory, and may be what you're missing.


(Man the filter is dumb, it though "Heads_Pack dot esp" was a link.)


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