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Writerly modder looking for Artsy & Coder modders to partner up with


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Long time fan of the Fallout series, and while FO4 is full of potential and pretty graphics, the quest design, NPC design, and dialogue design are a lot more... lackluster, compared to some of their previous gems. Enter the modders.


It's much easier to get a stronger product with a team, and my strengths are in character design, story design, and dialogue. I can do some basic coding, but beyond that, I'm the average user. So - teaming up would be ideal.


I have some mod ideas in the works, but will happily help partners get their mods done, too. Quid pro quo.



I'm primarily interested in working on the following kinds of mods, but will consider others:


 - In-Depth Companion mods

 - Survival mode mods

 - Fixing shitty Quest mods (e.g. vast majority of the Garvey / Settlement quests, jeebus)

 - Romance & Seduction mods (any gender/sex combo)

 - Breeder mods

 - New Area & Storyline mods


I tend toward more serious mods, but I'm also fine doing some Comedy.


Writing sample



3b.It's not like I asked for this. Should have never given Mobius that wine as a birthday present...


--4c I don't even want to imagine what those freakish brains would get up to while drunk.

--2b I'm not here for any pity parties. I'm going to get a move on.


4b.Really? You must have come from outside, right? I'm desperate for company. I mean, uh, there's only so many conversations you can have with that butler personality.


--4a What's keeping you here?

--2b I'm not really in the mood for yet more desperation. See you later.


4c.It's the stuff of nightmares, I guarantee you.


--4a So, what's keeping you here?

--2b I bet I'm about to find out. See you later, pooch.


4a.Other than the radar fence? The think tank usually keeps me locked in here. Their ongoing, humiliating joke.


--5a They don't seem to care about who they hurt with their experiments.

--5b Why would they do that to you?


5a.Yeah... I guess you're right. They're the best and brightest, though.


--5c Brightest doesn't always mean best. Often the opposite in my experience, actually.

--5b It's pretty cruel to leave you as a dog, though. Why would they do that?


5c.Huh. I don't know. Maybe.


--5b Did they have a reason for turning you into a cyberdog and leaving you that way?


5b.They said they wanted to test how human brains would operate outside of human bodies. I think Dr. Borous just wanted to give Gabe a friend, though.


--6a That's... almost touching. But still monstrous.

--6b They really fucked you over, heh.


6a.Yeah... I guess it isn't the worst thing in the world to be a dog. Or cyberdog. At least I'm alive.


--6c That you are. Well, see you around, Rufus.

--6d Anything I can do to help?


6b.I guess. Better this than a lobotomite, though. ... No offense.


--6c Uh-huh. I'm going to go back to what I was doing now.

--2b And better you than me. Later, robo-pooch.

--6d Right. I take it you're stuck like that, then.


6c.Okay. Watch out for the lobomites out there. They can get really handsy.



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Might as well start writting about settlers since every conversion is either YES? or THANKS? and dialogues for points of interest in FO4 only for it to turn to a shootout like every damn time.

Yeah, that always bothered me.


Whether SOCKS or something else is used, I'd definitely be up for rewriting Settler dialogue. Could do at least 12 different generic settler character types, and do a lot of expansion past that.

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