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Blade and Soul curvy and voluptuous babes


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First of all, this is NOT a nude mod, it just changes the physical appereance​.


After playing for a couple of months,I got a little tierd of the skinny and androgynous girls in the game and i started to search for something different. I found a great tutorial on how to change it,  so i decided to make my own xml with more curves and bigger boobs, and this is the result.


Screenshot_160322_001.jpg Screenshot_160322_002.jpg Screenshot_160322_000.jpg




The girl in the first pictures is a Jin With a Maximum of 4,44 but default minimum.

Gon is 2,69 eg, sexy without beeing silly and Yun is 6,69 that sounds really big, but it works


xml 23.3.2016.rar


I will update it when need be (eg every patch) because i use it myself and then i kinda have to ;]


How to install:

Read the tutorial that i mentioned before on how to use please, and have fun.




I also did some replacement outfits that are just drop and go.


Screenshot_160322_004.jpg Screenshot_160322_005.jpg Screenshot_160322_008.jpg


The first replaces the Bamboo guard uniform, second the Blackguard, Third the default starter outfit, and then there are several others included that i am too lazy to post.

It replaces selected outfits on ALL the female races including the npc`s.




How to install:

Make a folder named _Mods and place the folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC" or the location where you have installed the game.

Extract the rar file a place it is easy to find, and copy the files you want to use into the newly created _Mods folder.

Start the game and hopefully enjoy ;]


If you don`t like it, just delete the file from the _Mods folder,and the original will show up.













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