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I make my own fate (alternate start and solutions)

Guest Comrade DR. MAHUJ DIK

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Guest Comrade DR. MAHUJ DIK

I really hate having to be the good guy or get involved on a war between factions. Why cant I just see that shaun is alive and say "fuck it, I wont get involved. Or give up looking for him? why cant i board and take the prydwen for me instead of blowint it? I want a fucking airship!


Dear bethesda,

your main quest sucks and I dont want to plasy as the good guy, Ill fix your quests.


This thread is to collect ideas for an alternate start and alternate solutions for quests or the MQ, alll ideas are welcome.




Altenate starts:



To start the main quest youll need to join a faction, at level 20 youll get a lead on a courser and hunt it.

the prydwen will arrive when youre at level 15.

Shaun wont call you father and will offer you to kill kellog and take his place as the institute hand on the surface.

If you dont join any faction untill level 50 the war will happen without you and the next city you enter 2 guys will be chatting about it and will ask for your opinion. Your opinion will be correct and the next day therell be a winner. and the other factions will have been destroyed.

saving nick will be a normal quest and instead helping you to find shaun hell offer you a job as his partner.



*Shaun Im not your father

youll be a random guy that lives on another house in sanctuary, youll run to vault 111 and be frozen. Then youll wake up and do what the fuck you want


*survivor of the quincy massacre

youre the only survivor of the quincy massacre and need to continue your life.

you start with a random common underarmor, 50 caps and a pipe gun.


*I live at diamond city

youll start at homeplate with its keys with a random underarmor and a 10mm pistol.

piper will be at publik ocurrences and therell be no interview.


*Im a scaped synth

youll start allied with the railroad at theyr HQ.

Youll start with a random common undearmor and a pipe gun.

youll have 30 starting special (for being a synth)


*Im a courser

Youll start allied with the institute.

Youll start with curser armor and a institute pistol.

youll have 30 styarting special.

youre enemies with the railroad,minutemen,BOS,3rd gen escaped synths,covenant.

you have -3 charisma.


*robbed and hit on the head

Youll start close to concord naked and without any equipment.


*Im a merc

start at the third rail.

start with military outfit, a 10mm pistol,1000 caps and full leater set.


*they killed my cow!!!!

you start close to bunker hill surrounded by a dead brahmin,2 dead bodyguards, 2 dead raiders and 10 raiders attacking you, I reccomend running for your life.

you start with caravaneer outfit,2000 caps and 20 purified water.

bunker hill will be marked on your map.


Alternate quest solutions/ expanded quest lines


You can say fuck it at covenant and fail the quest, honest dan will be killed by being outnumbered.


you can kill the goul on the submarine adntry to find someone to take its place ( I want all the nukes)


you can reamain neutral at the USS contitution and try to steal it for you when everyone is fighting (theres a unmarked way to add this option, you will only get it if the requirements are met)


there is something else you can do with the cure for all diseases curie created if you kept it and hasnt used or sold (itll be on another questline)


you can convince some paranoid people to atack oter by convincing that the oher person is a snth (used on some quests or for fun)


therell be a way to weaponize sick brahmin (AKA MAD BRAHMIN disease)


ferals are dumb, you may find ways to guide them somewere for some reasons.


If you  take  the castle but its not a minuteman youll get a quest to blow the armory door.


there is away to get the ballistic weave before the railroad get it or steal it from them after they get it.


there are ways to steal vertibirbs.


theres a hidden way to access the institute at any level (lets see who finds it ;) ).


you can steal shematics from the institute.


You can kill the guy who tries to tech mackbeth to super mutants off trinity tower, find "the milk of human kindness" and use it to convince some supermutants to join some faction (yes, supermutants on a organized raider group can be a thing now. (you can thank tacomarine for making the commonwealth even more dangerous)


if you side with lorenzo at the secret of cabbot house, he will send you mail a week after asking for your presence. Itll start a alien/mental powers related questline.


you an create you own faction and take a part or not on the MQ. Planned for now: raider group, mafia, mercenary corp or create your own empire (the last one will have an exclusive questline, since both the brotherhood and the minutemen will be your enemies, on the good side you can take over all setlements, take over or ally yourself with diamond city and goodneighbour and declare yourself the emperor of the commonwealth.

All the created factions have different questlines and you may or may not be able to take part on the war.

All factions have a settlement HQ.


On diamond city blues, you can betray the others and join the trigermen, following a new questline.


therll be 2 versions:

nexus (dumbed down version)

LL edition (sex related quests and solutions)

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Well, since we're talking about modifying some vanilla quests, can we look into throwing that Macbeth dude off Trinity Tower? Someone stupid enough to read to read Shakespear to mutants doesn't deserve to live. This could also open up things to do with super mutants, like having them join your empire.


Anyway, sounds like you've got some good ideas though. This game needs an Alt Start verrrry badly and I have to agree, you're roped into narrow-minded choices and you're kinda screwed into being the good guy too. I can't stand it either. Big thing I'm curious about is the raider idea, is that a start or just a 'faction' you can join later? Because the power struggle the raiders are having has a lot of potential in what you appear to want to do.

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Guest Comrade DR. MAHUJ DIK

No you create those factions, the raider questline is independent of the main quest and do not take part on it unless you make some really speciic choices, if ypu follow this path, the BOS, minutemen and railroad will becpme hostile, if you get involved in he war you can only side with the institute after a deal and you need to make your gang adept on technology.

chosing to become a raider leader doesnt mean being surrounded by retards, its possible to convince them that knownlege equals to firepower, caps and chems, creating a kind of tech raider (like pirates on space games). BTW Im thinking of creating araider settlemnent, were caps and power are the law.

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