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  1. So I went on in and started playing; but I can't seem to figure out how to train people with this mod. I enslaved them with the LF mod and even then it dosn't seem to offer anything
  2. having issues with the bruiser as well; but i can see the dialogue options in the console. Could we get something similar for non-nords joining the stormcloaks? I think i'm gonna enjoy that brusier quite a bit
  3. Ohhh I'm waiting for this! XD Seems really interesting; can't wait to be able to dom the empresses of the land. Question though; would there be a targeted decision to try and 'test the waters' with a person? So for instance, bring it up once while walking along the castle, and see how they react. Just because for me it takes forever to get the event to find the House
  4. Right so I'm actually putting a conversion together; but for some reason it crashes in the game. I've built it from scratch and even just kept it at one device; but it crashes in game. And the base statue I used didn't crash. So uhh, you guys know what causes that?
  5. Hmm... alright. Looking forward to this. Though if I'm being honest i mostly play it for the sub content. How about an event for someone of a lower rank (A servant asking this to a dom or even the master) trying to dom the person of the higher rank? Or someone you're in a relationship with using you to get them more points, such as volunteering your services to the house or another dom? My offer to help writing still stands btw This is right up my alley
  6. So yeah, I've got the same problem the other guy had. I suddenly have a lot of negative acorage in a city; and it is specifically acorage. And, it's happened twice now. And it subtracts from my money when I go 'collect'
  7. if he dosn't want to be the center of attention, having more people there won't help. If you want to do something special, do something small. Bake a cake, maybe buy a present or two. But I wouldn't have a gathering
  8. Yeah I get accepted but nothing fires. No events; and I can continue to offer submission to this person. I'll PM you what I have as far as the text
  9. Holy shit I didn't know how much I needed this mod XD the writing is very good and I love the premise here. I haven't been able to get a partner to be my dom and I think there may be something broken in that situation; but ultimately I love it! I had some writing btw for another submissive mod for CK that I haven't heard from the author in some time. If you'd like I can send you my ideas and what I've got so far. Can probably re purpose it a bit or at least think of new things
  10. (DS edit: removed reference to drama) Wait, is this actually released? I was under the impression that they were waiting on Four play 1.0 before releasing it. I'm really enjoying the idea though; there aren't a lot of mods that make Fallout 4 worth playing over Skyrim yet, but this would probably get me willing to boot it back up
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