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Annoying issue with Schlongs & PapyrusUtil, please help


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Hi, so with the update of NMM I had to reinstall all my mods, my setup was working well before, but now it's giving me lots of troubles. (stupid NMM...grrrr) 


First of all, even though I installed all schlongs in the SOS setup, I have no available schlongs in game. None show up.


Now from a different thread it said you should make sure that no mod is overwriting the "ActorUtil.pex". My PapyrusUtil v 32 is trying to overwrite ActorUtil.pex. However:


1. Even when I keep the SoS ActorUtil, I have no schlongs in game.

2. When I let SoS overwrite PapyrusUtil, my game gives me the error message that "PapyrusUtil is outdated or missing".




Any solution to this?

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