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No Animations

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I am currently using Framework, MatchMaker, Defeat, All Nude Play and ZaZ. When trying to rape a knocked down or sleeping NPC, it strips them down and sends them flying across the map with no sex animations. When casting the Irresistable Aura spell (or whatever it's called, sorry I have trouble with names due to some mental issues) on 2 NPCs or on an NPC and myself, the NPC(s) with stand still for a second and ask what i am doing and then continue on their way. Everything on ANP works except for Sex Effect. After about a week of Googling and fiddling with mods, I got the Tie Up animation to work, but that's pretty much it. I have attached my load order (as set by LOOT) and what I hope are the papyrus debug log files, as following the steps in the Troubleshooting guide did not generate a log file. And before this comes up, this *is* a legal Steam version, I just have it installed to a different location as Steam does not play nice with Skyrim for some reason, and this is the solution i found through Google




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Check the SexLab Troubleshooting & Support Guide.


Skyrim must be installed via Steam. If you need to install it in another location such as another drive this must be done through the Steam install dialog.


Run Generate FNIS for Users and post the output. If there are errors or warnings they need to be dealt with.


If FNIS reports no problems start a new game (or coc WhiterunOrigin if you are in a hurry), install SexLab via the MCM and wait for it to complete, then try and start an animation using the MM spells.


If you still get nothing post your papyrus log from that session.


Consider installing Realistic Ragdolls and Force, it might help with the NPC physics issue.

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I dont have MatchMaker installed anymore,  but I guess I can install it and restart my game (again -_-) (nothing against you lol, im just sick of fighting with this thing)

This has also happened to me too but mine is the actors are just standing and making sound so what i did was i remove Fnis from MO and install it again 

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[02/18/2016 - 09:08:09PM] Error: Cannot call GetState() on a None object, aborting function call


[sexLabQuestFramework (07000D62)].sslthreadslots.PickModel() - "sslThreadSlots.psc" Line 16


That should never happen. It looks like the SL install is completely screwed up.


Reinstall the latest version of SexLab and ensure that it overwrites everything.


Only test in a new game.

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Re-re-re-installed SL, started yet another fresh game (really getting sick of that f-ing carriage >.<), NPCs still ignore Irresistibly Attractive ( but Alvor's cabbage no longer bounces). Unfortunately the python log was overwritten by my "kid-safe" profile because I'm a dumbass, so I'll have to wait until my little brothers go to bed to start *another* fresh game and test it again

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While you're at it, make sure you have an up-to-date version of SKSE (1.7.3).


Make certain you are installing SL through the MCM when you start a new game.


Check that there are no SexLab scripts in your vanilla Data folder (ssl*.pex, ssl*.psc). In fact, make sure there is nothing in there that should be installed through MO.

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Aaaaaand once again proving I am a dumbass, I didnt realize SL had to be installed inside MCM. I have gotten the (incredibly awkward to watch) animations working, and hopefully with a bit of tweaking ill find the right modset for what I am looking for. Thanks!

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