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Could have sworn there was a thread about the game already, shortly after it was announced, maybe it got lost.


Sure it sucks there not going to be a PC release or a western release for that matter. That being said the game is shaping up look really beautiful, it seems the girls have all had another graphical lift, physics look better, things squash together, move and rest the right way when lets say a girl is lying on her side. Also looks like their buttocks have been given some love too.


I pre-ordered it from play-asia as soon as I could, added bonus its now with a international language version, I hadn't really looked at any videos, just pictures, until today I noticed the Japanese twitter for the game and decided to follow, and watched this video.



Still waiting to find out what the Playstation VR content would be, as I'm sure it was announced to support it.


Still, disappointing there won't be a full female cast, especially the exclusion of Christie and Lei Fang.


Anyone else at least interested in this, perhaps going to get it?


Oh yeah, it has volleyball in it too......

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Yeah, they held a vote online somewhere, with all the girls, stating only the top 9 would get picked to be in the game. Being my fave, I was shocked Christie was outvoted, especially by 4 of the newcomers. Still Nyotengu and Helena are there, so not all bad.




As to no western release, basically, they said they can't be arsed, too much hassle for the cost. Play-asia have a international version for pre-order which will include English language menus and subtitles, I assume


http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/doax3/index.html <- Official JP website, pretty easy to navigate for pictures and videos, mostly demonstrating the aspects of the game and bouncy/wobble/squishy/tanning/slipping features.

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They'll probably be a DLC release. Just like all the character add-ons for Last Round


Another comment made in a statement after it was announced that there will be no additional characters added through dlc (also stated on wiki), but things could change.


Original release was Feb 25th but has been pushed back to March 24th, only reason given is "to further increase the quality".


Sounds like they're really leaning towards a dating sim aspect too, not only do the girls react to each other, but the player now too. The game will have the 'Owner' Mode. Zack has left the running of the island to the player, so its up to the player to keep the girls happy, and they interact with you differently depending on how happy they are towards you. A girl you have a strong relationship with might change bathing suits in front of the player, and you have the option of peeking or keeping your eyes closed, the former will result in her happiness going down.


Explained better here -> http://wccftech.com/doax-3-owner-mode-to-satisfy-girls-new-screenshots-trailer/

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