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  1. Please suggest me ENB presets. 😃 I prefer colorful fantasy ones. My favorite from Oldrim was Tetrachromatic and nothing like it for Special Edition exists that I could find.
  2. Long story short; my hard drive died a year or two ago and I lost everything, all presets, screenshots, mods that no longer exist. I quit. Now have returned in Skyrim Special Edition with a recreation of my beloved character Victoria. She's not exactly the same as before, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.
  3. AlleyCa7

    Skyrim #9

    Thanks Tex Tbh I think of you when I post stuff sometimes lol Thanks for stopping by!
  4. AlleyCa7

    Skyrim #9

    Yeah its been little over a year now lol Thank you
  5. I always enjoy playing with the wolves too Great shots
  6. Thanks man, glad you stopped by
  7. I agree, my lighting was off, but I was to lazy to fix it at the time, unless you're talking about the fire, thats just my ENB. Thanks Thank you, btw still want to hand over your character so I can take some shots with her and Victoria?
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