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Vault Girl Mod for Fallout 3/New Vegas


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So a while back I asked BigCman if i could reupload his Vault Girl Mod files to Lover's Lab. Needless to say, he gave me the go ahead and gave me ALL of the files that used to be on the Nexus, so to those of you who looked hopelessly but could not find these files, welp, that was my fault. I was supposed to do this a while back ^^: so apologies in advance.



All of the content in the files provided is the work of BigCman and XunAmarox. And the current nexus threads which contain relevant installation info and information about these mods (excluding info about the NSFW ones) are in the following threads.


Fallout 3: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/21655/?

Fallout NV: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/60314/?


If you have any questions about the archives, feel free to ask me. I figure, it's best to just give you all of it.

Keep in mind this doesn't include the apparel icons which XunAmarox made, so i would go to the threads listed above to get those, as they are absolutely essential. ;)


I also have a request to any modders out there, do you think we could get a fomod installer with all the bells and whistles? The file directories of these are a mess right now, and i want to make sure that we have a more user-friendly way to install. PM me if you can help! Thanks in advance!


Last but not least, the files. Try not to get a headache installing them, i find the best way is to pick out what you want and make your own zips to install with a mod manager, and troubleshoot what you missed. Each directory (should) be self-explanatory, but again, ask if you need assistance and i'll help ya :)


Fallout New Vegas

Vault Girl Mod Files - Fallout New Vegas.7z


Fallout 3

>.> Can't upload atm will get to you soon.



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