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SkyUI widgets


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does anyone know their way around SkyUI widgets and knows how to fix the error message that says "<scriptname> must extend to base script!" that shows up on game load even though it should work just fine and all scripts are set up properly?


I've seen some dude on the Nexus have the same issue and he said someone fixed it, but wouldn't say how he fixed it. So, I thought I'd ask here before going to .. that place.


Oh, for clarification: I'm talking about creating a new widget, not a problem with one of the existing widget mods.

Would be great if anyone knew how to set the scripts up properly.


(It must be some really stupid thing, because I'm quite sophisticated around Papyrus. I can't figure it out and I'm going insane!)

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I had no problems to add new SkyUI widgets, I know how to fix the problem and I can send you some example code.

But I never actually created the SWF part, I only used some existing SWF. But probably you will do the same.

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Oh, that would be great! I'd like to have a look at your examples, maybe I'll be able to figure it out.


I'm actually creating my own .swf's. But, obviously, I can't yet tell wether they work, since I can't test them. Because the script that clearly extends to the SKI_WidgetBase uses a function from the SKI_WidgetBase to tell me that it's not extending to the base script (which is the SKI_WidgetBase, I assume).

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