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Help : how to create a slavery framework ?


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As you know, I'm still develop TID, and I modify the mod to implement more Bravil underground things.

Now, there is a quest line (8 quests) for slaver.


But I met a very big problem : I need to buld a framework for slaves management !


- convert followers into slaves (or falmers will fight them... argh).

- order slaver to follow

- order slaveto stay at a place

- let slave wandering

- sex with slave

- train slave (train yourself, or ask to a trainer to train slave

- ask to a torturer to torture slave

- difference between unbroken slave and broken slave

- difference between player property slave, and NPC property slave (so, the slave will not follow the player is player sold the slave to an NPC)

- need to manage several slaves in the smae time (for example, player can told to 2 slaves to follow him)...

- sold/buy slave (so, a sold slave is not your propoerty anymore, if you buy a slave, it's become yours).

- sacrifice slave (send it to the butchery, to the god, etc...).


AFS slave management aliaises are not complex enough to manage this objective.

I begin to built the base of this, but it's not enough...


I wish to not use Paradise Hall for TID : TID is already enough instable (inf act, it's the scripts of Aroused and animal aroused which make the mod unstable : too lot of naked slaves in the same place).


So, I ask your help.


Thanks in advance.


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