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Hdt multi loading issues.


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The issue first occurred when i had:

14.28 and 1.7.2

I recently started using skse 1.7.3.


The first 2 times it happened was after a sex animation, i think it is HDT but i really don't know. its a phenomenon that started happening around the time i started using HDT so i guessed it was that.


I have managed to "repeat" the issue for a couple of seconds by using the command "tfc", the screen went grey like it had broken again for a couple of seconds, I than spammed tfc a few times and it SEEMED to fix it.

I ended up unable to attack? had to reload a save.


Its so strange...

Maybe its not HDT, i don't know.


I recently re-installed XPMS/Groovtamas skeleton and installed all the unofficial patches. Im so freaking confused!

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