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...Demonica HDT,  friend turned me onto this body and i love it, just that now its seems all the hdt is gone for it,  i dont know the reason for removal  but if its possible id love to have the hdt physics for the body if any one has  a place i can get it, thx in advance for any help/ info.  cheers

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thank you  but i been there.  its not there which is why i looked here and still couldnt find anything except the page where the author says all demonica stuff is removed,  which like i said idky but if any one knows elsewhere i can get the hdt for demonica it would be appreciated.  also this  first linnk is just a page of your load order? im not sure.  im not super pc literate so if i am missing something sorry.  


edit:  ok looks like you uploaded all your demonica files?  and i can select any to download?  excuse if this noob level pc stuff just always seen a big download button on mega pages.  any way thx,  i see tbbp patch and few other thiings with tbbp in them, not sure which i need.

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