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  1. this is the yg nord from bhuunp, custom camera moves the camera but taking it out didnt fix it. when i hit the button for the dance i am in 1st person and it auto puts me into 3rd, even if i change back before dance starts it still does that bug. i believe its got to be the customizable camera mod because thats exactly what it does, uses 3rd person cam for 1st person mode, but taking it out didnt fix it, ill try again. thank you for responding to help
  2. short video shows it better, i show hdt wig, create clone, dance starts and runs fine just my character body is problem. i get same issue with or without custom camera installed, only other mod that i can think of that might cause problems with this, its new character and modlist, very small, dont even have many texture overhauls in as u can see from the video. so i am rly at a loss as to what is causing this the problem is at 1:27 ish thank you letdancetest.mp4
  3. only wigs on myself and the clone shows just fine when she appears. its just the cam doesnt have clear sight of the damce coz of my body floating with it as it moves around
  4. yes, that what i am trying, i make clone than choose dance and start, the clone does dance but the cam shows my chars body in the way without a head mostly
  5. thx for mod, having weird issue with animated cams, they show my chars body in the view when moving around, took out custom camera mod but that gives me same issue. any tip on what i am missing or help is appreciated, thx have good day
  6. i just filmed few secs with first expression, few secs with next one, used film editor to splice down to the exact frame and POOF!, your in bizness fyi, i use power director from cyberlink, when i was shopping for an editor it seemed to have some good features for much lower cost compared to things like sony vega from what i could see, best/funnest 70-90ish? bucks ive spent, gotten alot of use out of it have good day
  7. hello, i am looking for help to be able to delete parts of outfit without breaking hdt or smp cloth. this is what i do now, 1. mask what i want gone 2. invert the mask and delete 3. export to nif (repeat for both weights if needed) in game ctd or at very least broken phsycial effects on cloth. someone showed me they seperate the mask vertices and name it something random instead of deleting right away and just delete the new section. i tried this and same result. idk if its version of bodyslide but i tried 3.2 and 4.8 and cpl others i had. all same result in breaking mesh.
  8. thank you for the anims, have good day
  9. i tried to like this about 9 or 10 times, but it wouldnt let me, so i give u lotsa smiles ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) !! xD she so hot
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