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How to apply Hdt To Standalone followers/Races?


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Please direct me to the correct thread/forum, I use Bijin Wives and warmaidens, but all their bodies aren't on par with my bodyslide stuff, which makes them a bit more meatier. And I'm also looking to make the ronzo race and predator race bounce and scale as well with my bodyslide. I'm using CBBE


I moved the meshes for Cbbe to the diff races and the bijin wives, and while the ronzo and predator races are naked, none of the followers nor the races have any bounce and are pretty small and static. 


How do I make their bodies scale?

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To get Bijin WM and Wives to have the same bodies with HDT as other females, you need to copy two main files and paste them into the meshes folder for each of character changed by Bijin WM and Wives:





You can find these two files through the following folder path: Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assests

Also, when in BodySlide, instead of just clicking "Build" when you're finished with making your custom body, click "cntrl+Build" this will export the same two files mentioned above to the main BodySlide folder(if you've moved it somewhere else, the folder path will be different): Skyrim/Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide 


I run both Bijin WM and Wives as well, and all of characters changed by those two mods have the same bodies as the other females in my game with HDT.


For custom races, I would assume that it would be something similar to this but since I've never used custom races before, I honestly don't know.

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I tried that, but the bodies don't change, I use Skyrim Mod Organizer, and everything attached to it. So I took the body files mentioned from the mods folder in mod organizer and I moved them to each character manually in bijin peeps. Also, I don't seem to have a Character assets in my data folder.


They still have default bodies ;-;


I also did that for the other races, and they are just naked, but are still small boobed and un jiggly ;-;


Maybe somethings conflicting?


Edit: Figured it out, It was in the fucking overwrite mods! Finafuckingly, Thanks for the help though, you gave me the clues I needed.

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