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The absurd times of Rockstar Games


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I live in a third world country called Argentina, which recently adopted even more stringent procedures related to importing stuff by individuals. Not only taxes make everything already twice or thrice as expensive, compared with the US or Europe, but now basically every purchase and even gifts (!) must be formally declared beforehand and be subjected to half a ton of red tape and further taxation. Fuck this country, fuck the nanny State and their thrice damned politicians. Now, despite this, I wanted to go the legal path with Grand Theft Auto V and therefore contacted a person who made the purchase via Amazon, endured the pain of the kafkian bureaucratic process and finally mailed me the package home.

Upon Arrival I found a cardboard and plastic package containing a spreadable booklet-style case for seven (That's right, 7) DVDs and a sealed envelope with the game serial, a map of "Los Santos" and a brochure. Now comes the real fun: Installation from the DVD cache took four (4) hours to complete, and by the time the last DVD went into the tray, the reader was so hot it had real trouble reading it. The pain ended there, right? Think again. The installer requires that further 10 gigabytes are downloaded from the internet to make the game playable, so I'm here, watching the stones grow moss while my super duper legal game makes itself at home.

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I buy the DVDs because EULAs or not, laws or not, once I purchased anything I like to think I can do whatever I please with my property. And I like the box art. Steam and other digital distributions can go to hell. Besides, there's no way I'd download 65 gigabytes for any game, film or piece of software.

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