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BREAKING THE GAME MADE IT WORK???!!! (Immersive FP with Sexlab)


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For the longest fucking time, the mod "Immersive First Person View" on the nexus would not work correctly with sexlab animations. Instead of allowing me to look down at the details of whatever animation I was playing, it would stop short  just enough degrees to block your view of everything important. Recently, I uninstalled it and tried the version here on loverslab that was suggested on the sexlab download page. That mod worked, but it was just too problematic for my taste. At this point, I gave up, UNINSTALLED it again, and went back to the nexus version.


Here is where I lost my mind out of frustrated relief. The fucking nexus version is letting me see everything now!!! WHY!!! What did I do that it decided, "Alright, enough fucking with him. Let him see his silly animations." I'm happy it's finally working, but I just don't get why it is.




Well, I finally figured out what I actually did that made it work. I feel like an idiot now. It turns out if you have preset 15 set to turn your character where you look, it messes with the sexlab animations.

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maybe the files of the sexlab version are still in your folder, then you installed the nexus version and it fixed the problematic things but still with the sexlab config

Makes sense, but I actually managed to figure it out. By default, immersive fp doesn't turn your character when you look left or right. However, there's an option to make it do that. That option was what made the animations fail to play correctly.

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