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  1. i could try it out, but i'll still be stuck controlling the horse
  2. maybe its just my scuffed game, but i noticed that if the player enters bleed out while riding a horse you cant keep playing because you just turn into a ragdoll while still controlling the horse, if the horse dies its fine, and usually its the horse that is targeted, but if the player itself dies and enters bleedout the only solution is reloading
  3. by persistence do you mean they can stay forever locked? i have been looking for a way to kind of display paradise halls slaves with zaz stuff and this mod would be perfect for that after increasing the maximum number of victims also does the dialogue always displays? there is no way to make it something temporary? for example only showing the dialogue while wearing a ring like other mods tend to do
  4. so sad when i discovered its only one npc at a time, went happily to lock all my PAHE slaves in zaz stuff only to be disappointed, guess i should have read the whole description... is there any mod at all to make use of ZAZ stuff permanently? i just want to leave them there as eye candy, but there just doesn't seem to be a way i have used "I'll Take The Display Model" before, but seems like a waste not to use zaz stuff when there is like over 500 crazy furniture just wasting space in my game because some other mod required Zaz, and said mod uses like 2 zaz stuff and thats it
  5. i cant move the scene, ever, no matter how many times i try, never really had this issue before since i disable auto advance scenes since i'm the only one with this issue i wonder if it could be a incompatibility with another mod somehow? all the sexlab related mods i have are these
  6. i wonder if i'm the only one that has this issue, using SexLab Utility Plus when i press the button to move the scene the npc i'm having sex with will follow me to where i move normally but once the timer ends and the sexlab scene marker should be moved, its not moved, we just go back to the position where it started basically, i cant move the scene
  7. love immersively lewd replacers like this that keep the name of the magazine and doesn't just place a random picture on the cover, did you find the base magazines already cropped somewhere or did you edit all of them manually? i was going to make a magazine replacer in this style but ended up being too lazy to finish it
  8. "The combat is arousing" "Sneaking between enemies is arousing" lol some of these generic changes seem pretty arbitrary
  9. hum i actually cant remember if i updated just after starting, but i'll assume yes, all good
  10. is it normal for this mod to create unattached instances and undefined elements? just started a new playthrough and this mod creates these, not really sure if thats a bad thing
  11. the files are named "SexSFX01" but they should be just the numbers "000" ... "001" etc
  12. curiosity got the best of me, its real i guess, but nothing special
  13. maybe i'm blind, but i could not find anyone that converted the Horses Renewal meshes to work with more nasty critters, so i did it myself for all the horses since i really hate the vanilla fat horses (even if they are more uhmersihve), also a crudely created patch for ABC as well its the hdt tail version and for LE and the original mod is not needed the ABC patch doesn't have hdt in the tail tho since its beyond my knowledge, only in the D like the original and morphs arround in animations, the original mod is required Skyrim Horses Renewal MNC.zip Horse Renewal BakaFactory Animated Cocks.zip
  14. its finally time for these animation to shine with the Dynamic Animation Replacer mod! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/101371
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