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Lovely hair style mod Question


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  1. Open the mod in the CK, setting it as the active file.

Find the hair "LHGeralt..." in the "HeadPart" category under "Character."  Double-click on it.

In the HeadPart window, click on the "unisex" radio button.  Click OK to dismiss the window.  Do the same with "LHairLineShaved" and any other "LHGeralt..." hairs in the list that use LHairLineShaved.

Save the mod and exit the CK.

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that doesnt work, the meshes dont look right on the male head.


Then you'll have to shape them to fit the male head in a 3d modeling program like 3ds Max, saving them as new files (hairs and hairline) and create new HeadPart records in the CK to use the new meshes.

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hmm i was hoping it wasn't that involved, i have never used any 3d modeling programs plus i dont think any are free and i dont have the means to buy any, i live in venezuela bolivares dont go a long way. 

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  • 8 months later...

I actually was able to kinda do that haircut for males. I managed to make a completely new hairline using the shaved redguard hairstyle and put it with the ponytail hair and frankly it looks great!...the problem was the hairline became it's own hairstyle and everytime I logged onto my game or loaded a game it was switched to the hairline rather than the ponytail. So I literally had to keep putting the ponytail back on everytime I started playing. 

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