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Dark Crusader 1 & 2 - HGEC Lowerbody Size Expansion.7z

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Dark Crusader 1 & 2 - HGEC Lowerbody Size Expansion plus B4

Modder's Resource

by varenne of LL

ver. .01Alpha

May 15, 2015


This is an expansion (and modder's resource) of Angilla's Dark Crusader and I'm not entirely sure if they did 1 & 2, but this includes the following for both:


Dark Crusader 1

All original Exnem converted to HGEC, SetBody Reloaded Blockhead Edition 1.42 Data M, L, LL and EBE, with OP3 BB added via Mesh Rigger for the greaves.


Dark Crusader 2

All original HGEC converted to SetBody Reloaded Blockhead Edition 1.42 Data, M, L, LL and EBE with OP3 BB added via Mesh Rigger for the greaves.

The upper body, cuirass or tops BBB are from Saaya's original conversion and remains the same. I made one minor edit and removed an extraneous odd collar that was using part of the male mesh. (Looked just too weird to me.)


What is NOT Converted

I only converted the plain version and not the BattleSweatAddOn versions. If you want hose you can edit the NIFs easy enough in NifSkope.

No additional HGEC cup size conversions, all sets remain the same size cups.



No ESP is included as this is an expansion and replacer of the original lower bodies, so you will need the original MOD for the textures and ESP. (Besides having also heavily modified the DC2 FHQ v39 MwC-39959-3-9 to a point where others may not like it.)

The following should in most cases work:

DC2 FHQ v39 MwC-39959-3-9

Dark Crusader Relocated ESP v2-32273

Both can be located on Nexus



Follow the "How to install me" included in DC2 FHQ v39 MwC-39959-3-9.


Screen Captures

All depicting the LL DC 1 pieces, then one showing how you can mix DC1 with other LL lowers and then DC2 LL.

*And no, the crotchless undies are NOT included!



Apachii - Apachii Goddess Store

Angilla for Dark Crusader 2 FHQ

Exnem - Base rogue texture and design

JARODCASTLE - Base chain mail texture

gerra 6 and movomo for SetBody Reloaded and the gerra 6 conversion tools

Saaya for the initial BBB conversion



You are free to use this any way you wish without requesting permission. You do at a minimum need to cite all prior resources and MOD authors. That is simply being respectful of others work.


PM any issues you may find.





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    DC2 FHQ v39 MwC-39959-3-9 and/or Dark Crusader Relocated ESP v2-32273


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