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How do you mark something as rape in the GECK?

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How do you mark something as rape in the GECK? Trying to put it where the start scene is:


set SexoutNG.actorA to TestREF
set SexoutNG.actorB to playerREF
set SexoutNG.isVaginal to 0 ; <------------------- also is this correct?
set Sexout.raper to 0 ; <------------------- found this on another forum (do I need to tell the script to add +1 to the number of times raped on the SexoutNG MCM?)
playerREF.CIOS SexoutBegin
EDIT: the number of sex acts still goes up, but the rape number doesn't.

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You should look into this thread first: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/6982-the-sexoutng-api-how-to-for-modders/

It will lead you to this side: http://git.loverslab.com/prideslayer/sexout/wikis/api


So you will see that you are using the outdated 'classic' interface for sexout calls.

They still work but if you make something new you should use this:

if eval((0 == call fnSexoutActorInuse refA) && (0 == call fnSexoutActorInuse refB))
call fnSexoutActPrep
call fnSexoutActSetRef "actora" refA
call fnSexoutActSetRef "actorb" refB
call fnSexoutActRun

And if you read a little longer in the Sexout GitLab you will figure out that

call fnSexoutActSetRef "raper" refA

should make ActorA the raper.


BTW: Posting this in the sexout technical section would have been the better place.

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