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PSE-PayBandit-Patch load order

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Hi, I'm currently confused by the load order of PSE-PayBandit-Patch. I know according to the load order that LoversPayBandit goes before PSE. However, in wyre bash PSE-PayBandit-Patch's box is orange indicating that the masters of the mods are not in order (mod lists that PSE should be before LPB when it shouldn't) I'm wondering if this will cause any conflicts or if it'll corrupt the game, and how should I handle it (merging even though fejeena says not to merge any lovers mods or leave it as is)? I would very much appreciate some expert advice/help on this here and thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my concerns.


Edit: Okay after reading more of the PSE thread. Someone said it is completely useless and I should load PSE before LPB if I want to use LPB guard interactions? and LPB before PSE to use PSE guard interactions? *need more clarification... :-/


Edit 2: This one is completely off topic but is it possible to replace the walking animations when your enslaved to the default walking animations (extracting from BSA)? I don't mind the walk, except it irks me when male slaves walks like that, funny but yeah...

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Late response, but do I move PSE above LoversPayBandit (move above Lovers with pk) or move LPB below PSE (move below Lovers with pk).

PSE                                    LoversWPK

LPB                   or              PSE

Patch                                  LPB

LoversWPK                        Patch


Lastly do you know if I can replace the walking animations when enslaved with the regular walking ones?

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You can replace the walking animation with whichever one you want; the animation will usually have a prefix - let's say, PSE_AnimType.kf

All you have to do is create a copy of whichever animation you want to replace it with, change the copy's name, and overwrite the original.

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