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Reaching out to the lbgt community on L.L for Mod Romance/Adventure mod

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Im in the process of making a gay adventure mod,"with custom character heads,bodies and sosphallas".Itll feature new locations quests items,pets and hopefully animations.With all this mind this project means alot to me and to make this happen ive been outsourcing to slowly have things built .But theres still much done.Is there any one with modding/animating skills thats willing to help me?I would be very greatful and also wanna ask if anyones familiar with importing custom characters into skyrim aswell as animations. If possible id like to include the mod with some intimacy animations aside from xxx, things like tender embracing being able to ask the npc of choice for a passionate kiss and ect .But in anycase please leave yalls input  and if youd like ask for pics and i can show you some of the progress i have so far.:)

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